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It is so easy!

All our butterflies are shipped in viewing envelopes overnight or the day before.

First read these instructions.

  • Each box includes this care and release instruction pamphlet, a copy of the invoice, a copy of the Indian Legend, and an icepack.
  • Each of our butterflies is fed prior to shipping and is shipped safely in individual envelopes.   Look through the viewing window on each envelope to insure each butterfly has arrived safely.
  • Place the butterflies back into the box and store them in a safe, cool, quiet area such as an air-conditioned room, a closet or basement.  The butterflies will remain dormant in cool areas below 60F.  In extreme warm weather, refreeze the icepack and place it back in the box, the same way it arrived.  Keep the butterflies safe from pets.  The butterflies can damage their wings if they become too active due to stress or heat.
  • One half-hour before the release, remove the icepack, place the butterflies into the mass release box or release cage.  For an individual release, just simply place the envelopes in a basket. 
  • Move the butterflies to a warm, bright area but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Distribute them among the guests.
  • Make a wish and release!


 We recommend releasing the butterflies at least ½ hour before sunset because it will give the butterflies enough time to find shelter.  Do not release butterflies at temperatures below 65F or during inclement weather.  Instead, use the release cage as a holding cage until the weather clears up.   In case you cannot release them within 24 hours, please read the care instructions or call us at 845 832 6749.


If it is raining, do not release your butterflies. Wait until the rain stops.  A light mist is okay as long as it is warm outside.  If you can’t release them within 24 hrs because of weather, please feed your butterflies using pesticide-free flowers or cotton balls soaked in Gatorade.  Release your butterflies into a big box.  Make the container escape-free by securing paper towels or netting over the top of the box, or just place them in our centerpieces.  Also, lightly mist the butterflies through the netting several times a day or more if your house is dry. 



Try to capture a specific moment and butterfly.  Do not try to capture your butterflies against the sky as it will be very difficult to see; they will appear small and in some cases be impossible to see.  Since butterflies will fly towards bright objects, including flowers, wait for one to land and photograph it.  If you want to reserve a few butterflies for photograph purposes, place them in a refrigerator within their envelopes (not near the freezer) for about 30-45 minutes.  They will be cool and will not fly right away.  Pick them up with wings folded between your second and third fingers.  Place them where you want them and shoot.


© All photographs are the property of Rainbow's End Farm, any use of these images without written permission is prohibited.